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The Postman Essay in English 500 words

The Postman Essay Paragraph for Student 500 Words The postman: The postman is one of the most familiar public workers whom we meet almost every day. He…

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“Rainy Day” My Experience On Rainy Day Essay

My Experience Rainy Day Essay Paragraph Rainy Day: It was a Friday afternoon in the month of May. I was in my school. I could see bad…

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Essay On My School Library” Essay-for Student

Paragraph Essay on School Library  School Library : Library is a place where a large number of books are kept. Library forms an important part of a…

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Happiest Day Of My Life || Essay Write

Happiest Day In My Life Essay Summary Happiest Day: It was really a very exciting moment for me when I was chosen to represent my school in…

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Childhood Memories Essay on Paragraph for Student

Childhood Memories Essay Summary Childhood Memory: The charm of childhood cannot be forgotten. The childhood days are the golden days. These days are more precious than any…

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My Future Plans Short Essay Example for Students

What I’d Like to Be in the Future Life || Essay for Students What I’d Like to Be in the Future Life is a mere existence without…

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My Favourite Teacher || Essay Paragraph

Essay on Paragraph My favourite Teacher My Favorite Teacher: Teachers are the real makers of a nation. They are the very torchbearers of deep knowledge and profound…

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My Favourite Player || Essay Describe in English

Write A Describe My Favourite Player My Favourite Player: I am a cricket enthusiast. I like to watch cricket either on TV or on the field. There…

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My Favorite Book ||Essay Describe in English

Describe in English My Favorite Book Essay My Favorite Books: My Favorite Books are our best friends. They console us in our grief and make us forget…

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