Eid-ul-Fitr About Festivals Celebrated Essay on Short Word

About Id-ul-Fitr Festivals


Id-Ul-Fitr is a very important festival of the Muslims. The Muslims keep fast during the month of Ramzan. Id comes after the month of Ramzan.

On the day of Id, Muslims wear new clothes and they offer Namaz. They embrace each other and say “Id Mubarako”. A special dish also prepared on this day called “Sewaian”.

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This festival is celebrated with great glamor throughout the world including India. The festival of Eid is celebrated after the holy month of Ramadan.Ramadan days are very important for Muslims. During this time they keep a full fast throughout the day. Drinking water is also taboo.


In the evening, after eating prayers, they take food. On the last day of the month of Ramadan, when the moon appears in the sky, Eid is celebrated on the second day.

Preparation to celebrate the festival of Eid is already started. Children, young and old, all appear enthusiastic. The crowd increases in markets. The rich and the poor get busy buying new clothes, footwear, gifts etc.

From the morning of Eid, children, young and old, wearing all kinds of special garments, sit on the head and start depositing in Idgah.

Eid Ul fitr Holidays

All of them are lined up and offered special prayers. Similar scenes can be seen in all major mosques of the country.

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All forget about mutual distinctions and greet each other and congratulate Eid. On the day of Eid, the house of the Muslims becomes sweet and sweet. In addition, a variety of dishes are also prepared.

People go to the house of their relatives and congratulate them on Eid. Mosques are illuminated in the night.

Eid is a festival of mutual union and brother-fare. This festival marks the multi-dimensional culture of India.

On this festival people from all communities of India are very happy. The festival of Eid brings happiness to everyone.

This festival is composed of human feelings like kindness, benevolence, generosity, brother-feed.

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