“Dr. Virginia Apgar” Essay on Short Words life

Short Words in the life of “Dr. Virginia Apgar”

Inventor of the Apgar score

Born   –  June 7, 1909
Died   –  August 7, 1974
Cause of death –  Cirrhosis
Citizenship  – American
Occupation   – Anesthesiologist
Years active -1937–1974
Profession  – Doctor
Research     Apgar score

Dr. Virginia Apgar” Biography 


Dr. Virginia Apgar was born in New York City in 1909. His entire family was interested in music but he wanted to become a doctor. Virginia took the education of zoology, chemistry, and physiology and then she went to the Columbia University Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. But Dr. of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center Alan Whipple discouraged him from doing surgery and encouraged anesthesiology. In this way, the direction and condition of Virginia’s life changed.

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What contributed to the field of Virginia Neonatology is unprecedented. Virginia is also recognized worldwide as the inventor of ‘Apgar Score’. Regarding the health of newborns, ‘Apgar score’ can be detected immediately after their birth. It is determined by the fact that the anesthesia given during pregnancy has affected the child.

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