Paragraph on” Summer Vacations” || Essay Summer Vacation

Essay on Short Summer Vacations Paragraph

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Paragraph on” Summer Vacations”

Summer vacations: My summer vacations had started and I had made plans for the vacations very early. The first thing I wanted to do was to meet my grandparents who lived in Jaipur.

As my vacations started, I packed my bags and left for Jaipur. I was thrilled to see them. During the day, it was too hot there and I did not have much to do. I kept myself busy with reading comics and watching cartoons on the television.

I enjoyed this free time as I usually don’t get it in school days. I loved relaxing and doing nothing. We were supposed to be there for almost two weeks, so my mother made me joined a ‘drawing class.’ I had fun there and made some friends.

In the evenings, we went out to see different places. It was a pleasure to visit the city of Jaipur as there were many historical places like Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, city place, and Hawa Mahal. The trip to Jaipur was ending. It was a time for us to come back to our home. I was upset that the trip has finished and there is still one more month for the school to reopen.

As we came back, I helped my mother in unpacking and cleaning the house. My mother had already planned few things for me to do in my summer vacations. She wanted me to utilize my time so she got me enrolled in few classes. I took lessons of swimming and guitar. In the afternoon, I did my studies. I also practiced for good handwriting.

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Essay Summer Vacations Paragraph

My father also kept me occupied in making me learn bicycle. I got up early in the morning and went to the park with him. He started training me in football too. In the evening, I went out to play with my friends. After dinner, I and my parents made sure to play indoor games like ludo, carom, etc, for a while. Therefore, I was busy throughout the day in summers.

Time flew away fast. There was just ten days left or school to reopen when I realized that lot of homework and project work was left. I finished it quickly in few days. On the last day of my summer vacation, I arranged my bag, ironed my uniform, and polished my shoes.

I was excited to go to school after a long time. I was also looking forward to meeting my school friends and discuss my and their vacations. I was satisfied with the kind of vacations I had. I had fun and I learned many new things and utilized my vacations.