Generation of Computer|History of Computer

Generation of Computer Inventors History

Computer Inventors History The term “computer” is derived from the word compute of the English language, which means the calculation is done, so the computer has been developed to fulfill the purpose of mathematical calculations.
First, the invention of the computer 600 years ago, counting was developed in Mesopotamia, similarly, Calculator Was invented by Danan Napier in the beginning of the 17th century, which was used for mathematical calculations.
After this invented calculator calculating in Bran Gott Fried in 1671. In 1942, Seabass Pascal made a mechanical calculator that was called Pascaling, which calculator could calculate just about 6 people.

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History of Computer: In 1822, Charles Babes first invented the Decentral and Analytical Encyclopedia, inspired by Pascalin, Digital Computer, in 1937, he envisioned an automated computer that had the ability to compute in accordance with artificial memory and program, but Herner Hollerith Also completed! The electronic tabulation machine was built to do all the work with the help of punchcard! This means that the first generation computer used a vacuum tube or vacuum valve.

Computer Inventors 

In 1948 the transistor was replaced instead of the valve! With this, the heat generated in the vacuum tube could be detected by the heat! It was possible to create a computer that costs less and less space!
In 1958, instead of the transistor, the integrated circuits on the silicon chip were used in the field of computer. It brought basic changes in the field of computer and a new revolution, which was said to be the third generation of computers! Because the size of the silicone chip-made computer is very small, they are called mini-computers.

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Computer History by Year: The computer workshop and capabilities that developed through computer technology have resulted in the invention of computers for the generation of different generations and different types of the computer! This development of work capacity started called Computer Generation in 1964.

First Generation

Vacuum tubes (1940 – 1956): Vacuum tubes were used to control and transmit electronic signals, but a complete computer was created, but the computer’s hypothesis was first introduced by them. These used to create larger and more heat in the shape of tubes and they were likely to have broken-up and more malfunction, and the ability to calculate it was also very low and the first-generation computers used to occupy more space.

Second Generation

Transistor (1956 – 1963): Invented the transistor. During this time the transistors were used simultaneously in computers, which were more capable and cheap than valves. Those used to replace vacuum tubes for computer manufacturing. The size of the transistor is much smaller than vacuum tubes. By which the computer is small and its ability to calculate more and faster. Compared to the first generation, they were able to measure smaller and less heat and calculate more efficiency and faster speed.

Third Generation Computer

An integrated circuit (1964 – 1971): computers of this period could be used simultaneously. This became a significant basis for the third generation of synchronized chip development; technological efforts were made to further reduce the size of the computer, resulting in the creation of an integrated circuit on the silicon chip, which was used in computers. As a result, it was possible to produce the smallest size of the computer so far! Their speed was from microseconds to nanoseconds, which was possible by a small scale integrated circuit.

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Fourth Generation Computer

The microprocessor (1971 – 1985): Microprocessor was used in the fourth generation computers! V.S.L.I. With the acquisition, thousands of transistors could be used for a single chip.

Fifth Generation Computer

Artificial Intelligence: In this fifth stage of development, artificial intelligence has been invested in computers! Such a computer has not been fully developed! We can see these types of computers in robots and various types of sound programs! It will be more capable than humans.