Some Line Of About Global Warming Potential Essay

Essay Global Warming

‘Global warming‘:Global warming‘ is the world’s biggest problem today. Global warming is the continuous increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere. This problem affects not only humans but every creature living on earth.
Many efforts are being made in the world to deal with this problem, but problems are increasing day by day rather than decreasing.

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Earth’s atmosphere is made up of several gases, including some greenhouse gases. Most of these form a natural cover on top of the earth. This cover prevents a portion of the returning rays and thus keeps the earth’s atmosphere warm.

When the greenhouse gases rise, the cover becomes even more intense. In this case, the cover starts to prevent more rays of the sun, due to which the temperature of the .

The activities of human beings are responsible for the problem of global warming. The number of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, etc.

Essay Global Warming Potential

are increasing in the environment from human activities, due to which the balance of gases in the environment is deteriorating. This cover is blocking the sun’s reflected rays, which is increasing in the temperature of the earth.

Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere due to gaseous emissions and pollution indiscriminately from vehicles and industries. Destruction of large numbers of forests is also a major reason for global warming.

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Today all the developed and developing countries of the world are concerned about the problem of global warming. Now the time has come to make meaningful efforts to deal with this problem. This responsibility is not only of the government.

All of us should also reduce the emissions of harmful gases by reducing the use of petrol, diesel, and electricity. Prohibition of forests and the promotion of plantation can help to diagnose the problem.

If the effect of global warming is not immediately controlled, then the biggest impact of climate change will be on humans.

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