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Henry Ford-BIOGRAPHY || Henry Ford & Essay Life HISTORY

Henry Ford: Henry Ford was an inventor, philanthropist, and a successful American businessman. Ford was the originator of the still prominent Ford Motor Company which had its first accomplishment with the Model T Ford vehicle that was released in 1908.

Henry Ford revolutionized the way cars were designed and built, introducing assembly-line factories for producing mass amounts of vehicles that led to lower prices for consumers.

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, in Dearborn, Michigan, United States, in what was then known as Springwells Township. Passage’s folks were Irish settlers and the family lived on a ranch, with Henry Ford being the oldest of six children.

The family had a comfortable upbringing on the farm with a decent income, but even as a young person, Ford believed there was too much work and not enough income living from the land. 

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He began his career as an apprentice machinist in 1879, then returned to his family farm in 1882 before starting work with the Westinghouse company to service their steam engines. Ford then got down to business at the Edison Illuminating Company where he ended up boss designer in 1893. 

Henry Ford had dependably appreciated mechanical things and was continually attempting to improve or make progressively helpful machinery. In 1893.he made his first fuel driven carriage or Quadricycle that was totally self-propelled.

He then started the Detroit Automobile Company with several other investors to improve on his design, but the company went bankrupt soon after. He then started the Henry Ford Company, which he also left, before eventually starting the Ford Motor Company in 1903. 

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The Ford Motor Company discharged the fruitful Model T vehicle in 1908. For the most part, autos were assembled each one in turn and were just open to the affluent, however, Ford kept on improving the manner in which the vehicles were fabricated.

About Henry Ford Motor Company

In 1913, the autos were being mass delivered by one of the primary moving gathering lines. In 1918, half of the total amount of cars in the United States were Model t’s, 15 million cars were sold, and production of the Model T was finally stopped in 1927 

He also had interests in politics but was never successful as a politician, and unsuccessfully ran for Senate as a Democrat. He also had strong views on labor and how the workforce should be treated.

He paid his workers more money for less working days and made the 5 day -40-hour working week a normal part of working life. Henry Ford made the Ford Foundation in 1936 to advance human welfare through research awards, instructive awards, and improvement. 

Ford endured an underlying stroke in 1938, after which he turned over the running of his organization to Edsel. Edsel’s 1943 demise brought Henry Ford out of retirement.

In ill health, he ceded the presidency to his grandson, Henry Ford Il in September 1945, and went into retirement. He died in 1947 of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 83 in Fair Lane, his Dearborn estate, and is buried in the Ford Cemetery in Detroit. He took that last ride to Ford Cemetery in a Packard.

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On the evening of his passing, the River Rouge had overwhelmed the neighborhood power station and had gone out without electricity. Before going to sleep, Henry and his wife lit candles and oil lamps to light the house.

Later that night, just before daybreak, Henry Ford, father of large scale manufacturing and maker of the cutting edge period, kicked the bucket in a similar climate as he had been brought into the world 83 years earlier, surrounded by candlelight




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