Inventor of bulb ” Essay Short Words Speech

Thomas Alva Edison

Full Name – Thomas Alva Edison
Birth – 11 February 1847
Birthplace – Milan, Ohio, United States
Father – Samuel Ogden Edison
Mother Nancy Matthew Elliot
Marriage – Mary Stillwell (m.1871-84), Meena Miller (m. 1886-1931)

 Inventor of bulb

Thomas Alva Edison: The great scientist Thomas Edison was very hardworking. In childhood, he was expelled from the school by saying that he is a slow-minded child. The same Thomas Edison made many important inventions, from which ‘the electric bulb’ is the main. He used thousands of times to invent the bulb, then he had success.

Once he was using the bulb to make a person, then a person asked him, you used to have about one thousand experiments but all your experiments were unsuccessful and your hard work got useless. Do not you feel sad?

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Then Edison said, I do not think that my thousand experiments have failed. My hard work was not lost because I have experimented with a thousand to find out that bulbs cannot be made in these thousand ways. Each of my experiments is part of the process of making the bulb and I go one step further with every effort.

If there was any normal person, he would soon accept defeat, but Thomas Edison continued his efforts and did not give up. Eventually, Edison’s hard work brought color and he invented the bulb and illuminated the whole world. It was Thomas Edison’s belief that did not allow the ray of hope to extinguish and illuminated the whole world through the bulb.

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