My Aim In Life Essay In Eassy Short Words

My Aim in Life essay

Aim In Life

Aim In Life: Everybody in this world is living for an aim and purpose. The aim to achieve something is ambition. A life without ambition is worthless. From the beginning, we start thinking what we will become and achieve when we grow up.

Each person has his own desires and aims. One can dream of becoming a doctor, engineer, teacher, scientist, painter, IAS, IPS, etc. Since childhood, we try and start making efforts to achieve our ambition. We keep chasing our dreams and desires. This keeps us focussed and motivate us to work hard towards achieving the goal.

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Every human being has an ambition. My ambition in life is to become a teacher. I developed a wish to become a teacher from the beginning of my school days.

Teaching is a noble profession and teachers are like mothers to children. They give love and affection to the students. A teacher is the source of knowledge for students. She teaches a lot of values and morals apart from textbook education.

To a child, his teacher is an ideal. She plays the role of mother, friend, guide, and mentor. A child’s development is largely dependent on a good teacher. Therefore, I wish to become a good teacher and contribute in making children better citizens of this country.

My main purpose of becoming a teacher is to educate the illiterate people who are deprived of education because of lack of facilities and means. In villages, there are no proper schools and children are deprived of their basic right to education. I wish to educate them for their better future lives.

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Aim In My Life Paragraph Essay Short Words

In India, agriculture is the backbone of the society, but farmers are not well educated or informed. Because of lack of knowledge and education, they are unable to introduce modern ways of farming.

They work hard to earn their livelihood but are not progressing well. As a teacher, I wish to educate them about farming techniques and the ways to progress in life.

A teacher is the one who guides a child and helps him become a doctor, scientist, engineer or even the President of a country. Teachers play a very important role in a student’s life. I am too inspired by my teacher and wish to make all efforts to achieve my ambition.

-It is also a great responsibility of a teacher to make children better citizens of the country. Thus, the future of our country is in the secure hands of the teachers. I, therefore, wish to work hard to achieve my ambition.