“Rainy Day” My Experience On Rainy Day Essay

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My Experience Rainy Day Essay Paragraph

Rainy Day: It was a Friday afternoon in the month of May. I was in my school. I could see bad weather ahead. The sky was covered with dark, smoky clouds that threatened rain. Our house is not so far from my school. So I thought that rain would not catch me. The rain started just before the final bell. I came out of my classroom and rushed to the main gate.

My school bag was full of new books. My uniform and my shoes were also brand new. I started running towards my home. I was hardly a hundred metres away from my home when it started pouring heavily. Within a very short time, the road was flooded. I took shelter under a tree for sometime but the shower did not stop.

Soon, the water drops from the leaves of the tree started drenching me to the marrows. I tried my best to save my school bag but in vain. My shoes and socks were also wet with water. I was just helpless in such a situation.

My Experience Essay About Rainy Day

At last, I decided to leave the shade of the tree and started running towards my home. I saw a fat man coming seeking shelter under the tree but his left foot slipped and he fell down in the waterlogged street. I could not help laughing and some others also joined me. However, the fat man was soon on his legs as he was not hurt. Some children were very happy.

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They had come out of their house and were jumping in the rainwater. They splashed water on one another and danced gleefully. A few of them floated paper-boats and laughed with great joy. I felt very happy to see them. The rain continued for an hour.

When I reached home, I was fully drenched. I removed my wet shoes and socks and left them to dry up. I changed my clothes and opened my bag. I tried to rescue my new books and exercise books. Thank god that they were not fully soaked.

My mother gave a cun of hot tea with some snacks. I enjoyed it very much as I had never before. Truly speaking, I enjoyed the experience of my running through the rain very much.

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