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My Favourite game :My Favourite game is football. Of all the outdoor games, I like football the most. It is a very skillful play. Football, like hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton, swimming, etc, gives exercise to the limbs and provides a good deal of excitement and entertainment as well. To play good football, physical fitness, a healthy body and mental alertness are essential.

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My father was also a good footballer. His inspiration helps me play football well. Every afternoon, after returning from school, I go to the football ground with my friends. I am so eager to play that I hardly find time to take my tiffin. I know that my friends are waiting for me to start the game. We play under the guidance of our club coach. He is a nice person who clearly teaches us how to play good football.

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On TV, I enjoy watching important football matches between famous teams. My father also guides me to learn the new techniques of the world-famous players. The Star Sports and ESPN channels are my favourite channels. On these channels, I can watch matches from a variety of important football teams.

I can watch how the top football players of the world-famous football teams like A.C. Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid, etc. play in the important matches. However, a particular team’s name is not very important to me because I always support and enjoy the team that plays the best game.

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Among the great football players, I have heard the name of Pele, who was called the “King of Football.” I also know the name of Diego Maradona of Argentina, who was the top world football player a few years ago. He is really a born genius who has displayed many new and fine techniques in the great game. Among present-day players, I like Ronaldo (jr), Drogba, Messi, Kaka, and some other foreign players. They are really great players. I like and respect them.

I regularly play on the football team of my school. Every year, our school team takes part in the Interschool Football Match. Last year, we won the trophy at the Inter-School Match. I was the captain of our team and was very happy to be the winner. I believe that football is the best among all modern outdoor games; it is ever-thrilling and lively, and it shows the best example of team spirit.

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