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About My School Paragraph

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Short Paragraph My School

My School: My School A school is a like a second home to the children. A child learns to read, write, think, express, worship in school.

A school is a place which contributes greatly to the child’s development. It is a place where most of the time of the child is spent. I am fortunate to study in one of the best schools in the city.

However, the number of students here is huge, but it is the greatness of the teachers that they know most of the students and take great care of them.

Every morning, I get up happily to go to the school. It has a beautiful building surrounded by grassy loans on the entrance. There is a big auditorium, where we start our day in the school by assembling there for the morning prayers. All the functions that take place in the school are also held here.

The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated and decked up by the latest technologies of smart boards. The teachers are well qualified. They are a friend and guide to us.

In school, we have a big library which is well updated with the latest books of all sorts for children. There are lots of other indoor activities in my school like theatre, art, music, and dance.

My School Essay in English

My school lays a lot of emphasis on learning various sports like, skating, table tennis, badminton, etc which helps in the development of the child. The school also has science labs where we do experiments with the help of the Teachers.

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Outside the school building, on the back side are big football ground, tennis courts, and the basketball court. There is a small park for young children, has swings, slides, and see-saw.

We also have a small temple in the school where the pictures of God and Goddess of all the religions are kept. Here, we are taught about mythology and religion.

Of all these facilities and activities that they teach and provides, the most important of all them is to teach honesty and truthfulness. Making the students learn manners, etiquettes, respecting others, loving and caring, a feeling of giving back to the society and nature, being sensitive to other’s need, only a good school can teach these qualities.

The most important philosophy of my school is to impart the value education that helps in the overall development of the child and makes him grow as a better citizen of this nation.

It is thus very important for our school to feel the responsibility of making it a better country by providing a better education to the children as we are the future citizens of our country. Thus, I love my school and I am proud of my school.