“Road Accident” Short Words An Essay Paragraph Article Note

 A Road Accident Paragraph

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 “Road Accident” Short Words An Essay Paragraph Article Note

Road Accident: Accidents are very common on the road and mostly happen because of the negligence, thrill or excitement of the driver. Unfortunately, I had a terrifying experience of witnessing an accident scene. We were driving on the highway when a car started honking from behind. There were two young boys inside the car.

The car’s music system was blaring with loud music. The boys were driving recklessly and making fun of passersby. Suddenly, they overtook us blindly, exceeding the speed limit. The next moment, we heard a loud noise. To our horror, we saw that the same car had collided with a truck.


We stopped immediately and ran towards it. The way the car had collided, no one could ever imagine that the people trapped inside would survive. Within no time, a big crowd gathered around the accident scene to see what had happened. They immediately started helping the young boys and tried to pull them out of the car. The car had been badly damaged. With great difficulty, the boys were pulled out of it. They were bleeding profusely and seemed to have sustained multiple injuries. We informed the police and called an ambulance.


Meanwhile, the truck driver was trying to flee the spot but he was caught by the people. However, he was apologetic for being involved in the accident and agreed to surrender to the police.

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The ambulance was taking a long time to reach the spot. We could not wait for long. Therefore, we decided to take the injured to the nearest hospital in our car, otherwise, it could have been dangerous for their lives. In such cases, people are usually apprehensive about helping the injured ones because of the formalities involved, but we did not forget the grounds of humanity.

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With the help of the people around, we lifted the victims and laid them on the back seat and drove to the nearest hospital. On reaching the hospital, we approached the emergency where the hospital administration asked us to complete the formalities first.

We could see how badly the victims were bleeding. As it was a matter of life and death, we requested the doctors to start their treatment without any delay. The formalities were performed later. The doctors asked us to contact the parents of both the boys with the help of the contact numbers mentioned on their identity cards.


Fortunately, the doctors were able to save the lives of the two boys. But they had suffered huge blood loss and had sustained multiple fractures. Soon the families of both the boys arrived at the hospital. The police had also arrived and been carrying out investigations. After informing them about every detail, we left the hospital and went home. went home.


 This accident left a long-lasting impression on my mind. It is very disheartening that in spite of the government making all efforts to warn people about the dangers of negligent driving, people tend to ignore all safety norms. As responsible citizens of India, it is our duty to drive safely without putting someone else’s life at risk.

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In addition, our primary duty is to help accident victims with medical aid. For the doctors too, the government has made a rule to attend to the patient first, rather than getting involved in the paper formalities.

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