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Busy Street Essay Article

Busy Street: Chandni Chowk is a busy street in the heart of Delhi. It is one of the well-known places in India. It is one of the oldest cities in Delhi and was built during the Mughal reign. Since then, it has become a significant place. It is famous for its places of worship, market, and several eating joints. This keeps the streets of Chandni Chowk very crowded and busy.


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Busy Street

It is surrounded by monuments and historical places which makes it a great tourist spot. A lot of tourists visit Chandni Chowk all year through. During our last visit to Delhi, we got an opportunity to go to Chandni Chowk. It was a crowded place. The street was full of vehicles, street hawkers, peddlers, and tourists. It was completely chaotic. However, traveling in a cycle rickshaw had its own charm.

On enquiring, we learned that the streets always remain crowded. This is because on one side there is the historical Red Fort while on the other side there are important places of worship such as Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib, Jama Masjid, Gauri Shankar Temple, Digambar Jain Temple and the Central Baptist Church. This speaks of the unified and secular spirit of Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

This place is also known for its narrow bylanes. These bylanes are full of shops and stores that sell clothes, books, jewelry, leather goods, spices, consumer goods, electronics, authentic Indian food, etc. We enjoyed a bit of window shopping here.

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About A Busy Street Write Paragraph


On both sides of the street, there are hawkers with all sorts of goods for sale. Fruits, cakes, delicacies, bangles and several other things are displayed for people to come and buy. The hawkers and their customers spill over into the narrow streets making it risky for drivers and motorcyclists. The traffic moves at a snail’s pace through the crowd.

It once there were so many people around that if I had not been with my father I would probably have got lost. My father knew his way around. Therefore, I held on tightly to his hand as he led me through the crowd. A number of times I nearly knocked into someone. Everyone seemed to be in a rush and nobody cared about the others walking around them.

With great difficulty, we returned to our car which was parked few hundred meters away and took a deep breath. I was very tired. I came back home with a long-lasting impression of this busy place which clearly reflects the culture and tradition of our country.

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